Sioux Falls Practical Shooters

Practical shooting attempts to measure the ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full power handgun, rifle and/or shotgun.

If shooting has an "extreme" sport, USPSA-sanctioned practical shooting is it.
Competitors move, negotiate obstacles, run, speed reload, and drive their guns through each of several courses as fast as their skills will allow.

Shooters take on obstacle laden shooting courses (called stages) requiring anywhere from 6 to 30+ shots to compete.
The scoring system measures points scored per second, then weights the score to compensate for the number of shots fired.
If they miss a target or shoot inaccurately, points are deducted, lowering that all-important points-per-second score.

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3 Gun Match - May 29

3 gun match will be Sunday May 29th. Early setup will be
Saturday 9:00am and Sunday 7:30am. Registration is 9:00am - 9:45am on
Sunday as well as on line.
Cost is $20. Plan on 75 rds birdshot, 150 rds of rifle and 150 rds of
Immediately after match clean up Dakota Silencer will be offering demos of
their silencers as well as hotdogs and hamburgers.

2016 Season Schedule

Match registration from 9:00 – 9:45 am
Setup at 7:30 am

April 17, USPSA match
April 30, Intro to USPSA, 9:00 – Noon
May 1, USPSA match
May 15, USPSA match, Super Classifer
May 29, Three Gun Match
June 5, USPSA match
June 19, USPSA match
July 3, USPSA match
July 17, USPSA match
August 7, USPSA match
August 21, USPSA match
Sept 4, USPSA match
Sept 18, Three Gun Match