Next Match Aug 27

setup starts at 7:00 a.m registration deadline is 9:00 am
Shooting starts when the stages are up.

Note: The new time format worked well last match. Thank you to all those that came out early
and helped setup. We got started earlier and finished earlier and the many hands made light work
People tearing down their last bay was also much appreciated.

Please register Online

25 bucks match fee - payable on match day

Change to match day registration and setup starting in August

Starting at our August 13th match day registration will close at 9:00am without exception. The range will be open at 7:00am Sunday mornings to encourage shooters to come early and help setup. For years a few people have been coming on Saturday to setup stages then they come back Sunday morning to finalize the set-up. This puts a lot of stress on the small set-up crew so we are changing the format to do all the set up on Sunday morning hopefully with help from more volunteers. Stage descriptions will be placed in each bay and volunteers can start setting up the stages.

Facebook page

The club is starting a Facebook page to be able to keep you updated better and allow better communication from club members to each other. The club will be posting information on registering for matches, match setup requests and information, etc.